Thrust Roller Bearing

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Tapered roller bearings are separate bearings, and the inner and outer rings of the bearing have tapered raceways. This type of bearing is divided into different structural types such as single row, double row and four row tapered roller bearings according to the number of rows of rollers installed.For metric-design medium-angle and steep-angle tapered roller bearings, the respective contact angle symbol C or D is added after the bore number. For normal-angle tapered roller bearings, no contact angle symbol is used. Medium-angle tapered roller bearings are primarily used for the pinion shafts of differential gears of automobiles.


The U type tapered roller bearings are an exception within the conventional tapered roller bearings since this is a compact unit type that includes the grease and is pre-regulated without having to install an opposite bearing. Furthermore, they have a flange on the outer ring that is fastened axially in the application once the bearing is mounted.


NSK 51101 Bearing

1.00 mm 355000 N
281000 N 2800 rpm

IKO NBX2030 Thrust Roller Bearing

Seal & Snap-Ring 2360 N
12.000 mm 8.00 mm

IKO NBX2530Z Thrust Roller Bearing

156 kN 35 mm
M 52x3 6 °

IKO NBX2030Z Thrust Roller Bearing

365 kN 165 mm
5 mm TMFN 23-30

IKO NBX2530 Thrust Roller Bearing

19.05 mm 60.325 mm
79.375 mm 55.563 mm

IKO NBX1725 Thrust Roller Bearing

140.0000 mm 2.00 mm
26.00 mm 5300 rpm

IKO NBX1725Z Thrust Roller Bearing

17.8 kN 114.3 mm
206.375 mm 2 x LER 30

IKO NBX1523 Thrust Roller Bearing

0.6563 in 1 3/8 in
4560 lbf 3440 lbf

IKO NBX1523Z Thrust Roller Bearing

97500 N 60.000 mm
1.00 mm 72000 N

IKO NAX7040 Thrust Roller Bearing

Steel/steel 1.1 mm
177.8 mm 1120 kN

IKO NAX7040Z Thrust Roller Bearing

4 mm 25 mm
0.025 kg 38.1 mm

IKO NAX6040Z Thrust Roller Bearing

20 mm 20 N/mm²
10 N/mm² 0.25 m/s