Sleeve Bearings

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A sleeve bearing is a type of plain bearing that can handle high loads and velocities. Sleeve bearings help make engines run smoothly and quietly. These durable and long lasting bearings can also perform well in other high-load, high-velocity applications, such as machines and turbines.Sleeve Bearings. With a history of satisfied customers, expertise and quality, Rexnord produces sleeve bearings that can help you take on a variety of applications. Reduced maintenance operation, including extra-long life and no lubrication requirements ensure Link-Belt Sleeve Bearings promote uptime and meet your needs.


Sleeve Bearing (left) and Flanged Bearing (right) Specifications. There are several important dimensional specifications for plain bearings and sleeve bearings. Bushing clearance is the distance in the radial movement of the shaft that rides within the bushing. The operational clearance is different than the initial internal clearance.


ISOSTATIC CB-0608-12 Sleeve Bearings

Grade 0 Radial
No No

ISOSTATIC CB-0608-10 Sleeve Bearings

6.9 mm 0.42 Hz
179 kN 60 mm

ISOSTATIC AA-2001-11 Sleeve Bearings

Deep Groove Ball Bea No
[Steel] Steel 8 Days

ISOSTATIC SS-5664-40 Sleeve Bearings

6 T-Shaped
Double Deep Groove Ball Bea

ISOSTATIC CB-1422-16 Sleeve Bearings

Round flange shape Bearing Steel
J7 Insert Bearing Unit

ISOSTATIC CB-1618-08 Sleeve Bearings

130 mm UC208-24G2L4
49.2 mm 29.6 kN

ISOSTATIC CB-1618-12 Sleeve Bearings

Single Row Steel
35 Open Type

ISOSTATIC CB-1420-12 Sleeve Bearings

LLB 16**/6*** series
6 Days or more 9

ISOSTATIC CB-1520-08 Sleeve Bearings

Yes (with retaining Steel
Single 6

ISOSTATIC CB-1420-16 Sleeve Bearings

Deep Groove Ball Bea 50 ~ 80
Yes (with retaining Electroless Nickel P

ISOSTATIC CB-1419-08 Sleeve Bearings

30.2 mm 19.1 mm
27.2 mm 5.5 Nm

ISOSTATIC CB-1418-24 Sleeve Bearings

6.34 Hz 2.18
SNR 3,300 rpm